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Respect and Ground Control

This is where your horsemanship journey begins. If you are tired of being pushed around, stepped on, bit, and jerked on, if you didn't realize sand skiing was a skill you needed when you entered horse ownership and you are tired of getting the middle hoof from your horse then this clinic is for you!Learn the fundamental techniques and skills I use to achieve a language with horses, and improve your rapport with your horse through better communication.

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Higher Horsemanship 1

This clinic is the perfect follow up to the Respect and Ground Control Clinic. It is design for those of you that are just starting your horsemanship journey. We start by learning to gain respect through ground control and learning to read your horse in the morning. In the afternoon we will teach respect and foot control. Learn the psychology of how horses think and use this to teach your horse advanced maneuvers on the ground. Improve your horses respect and mental collection. View Upcoming Clinic Dates


Higher Horsemanship 2

In this clinic we will be focused on taking things to the next level by adding distance, speed, and quality. In the afternoon we will work in the saddle introducing lateral work, and give strategies to slow down the speedy horse as well as to speed up the sticky horse. This clinic is geared toward achieving impulsion or emotional collection with your horse. This chapter of your horsemanship journey has a lot to cover and many people benefit from taking this clinic multiple times! View Upcoming Clinic Dates

Western Dressage Skill Set 1

Now that you and your horse have rapport, respect, and impulsion from my previous clinics, now it is time to introduce Flexion. You are ready for this series if you can ride at the walk, trot, and without reins. In this clinic we move from loose rein contact to contact with the bit. This is a perfect introduction for those looking to begin competing in the growing sport of Western Dressage, or those looking to further advance their horsemanship. In the morning we teach collection through ground driving, in the afternoon we enforce it in the saddle. View Upcoming Clinic Dates

Western Dressage Skill Set 2

The focus of this clinic will be to help you and your horse get to the next level of communication and lightness by introducing collection at the trot and lateral movements. We start the day expanding on ground driving exercises, as well as introducing advanced lateral movements like the half pass from the ground. In the afternoon, we will work on transitions with light feel in the bridle and put that together with lateral movements.

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Western Maneuvers

In this clinic, we introduce you to training slide stops, spins, rollbacks, and more! Anyone that is interested in getting into reining or cow work, as well as those looking to compete in upper level Western Dressage or ranch work agility classes will benefit from this clinic. In the end, you will learn how to ask your horse to use himself better and be more responsive to you, the rider, no matter what discipline you ride.

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conquer the canter

This is an intensive one-on-one coaching to improve your canter seat in a group learning environment.

This clinic is geared towards the rider that wants to finish their horses canter or achieve a quieter seat so as to improve their collection at the canter as well as the rider that is just starting to canter and needs to build confidence and balance.

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Powerful Patterns

Impulsion is your horse's desire to go forward. This can be out of balance in two ways, your horse might have more go than woah or they may have more slow than go. Our job as a trainer is to get our horse's balanced in go and whoa. Riding patterns are the key to teaching this. This clinic will focus on how to teach your horse positive patterns, while your horse is learning to balance his impulsion. You the rider will be learning the power of focus and how to "flow with the go." View Upcoming Clinic Dates

Competitive Trail

This is a two day clinic open to riders of any level. The clinic consists of information filled lectures on safety and horse psychology, pre-trail ride preparations, and simulations for the horse and human similar to those found in trail classes and on short or long trail rides. This clinic teaches its riders how to deal with safety, fear, and control issues that show up in trail ride situations. Prices for these clinics vary based on location and number of riders.

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Bomb Proofing

These clinics give riders a strategy to take the spook out of their horses. The horses will be exposed to unusual sounds like fire crackers, air compressors, and dogs. Visual objects like tarps, plastic bags, cars, bridges, water, and balls. The goal is to teach your horse to get calmer when things get scar. The change in confidence will improve your horse's performance in every thing he does.

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Betsy Rengifo

Betsy Rengifo (formerly Betsy Moles) is based at Wild at Heart Ranch in Canton, GA. She has been teaching, showing, and training horses for the past 20+ years. She offers both English and Western lessons for students as young as 5. She shares her philosophy of Natural Horsemanship with her adult students through weekend clinics and week long camps...


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