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Competitive trail Obstacle/ Equitation

Next Clinic Sunday June 2, 2019

Deadline for Registration Sunday May 5, 2019

Although you should tune your instrument, you should take time to play a song! Practice putting your principles to a purpose with trail work.

Learn Betsy's unique method of creating confidence and relaxation throughout a trail course. This clinic is perfect for those of you that already believe in cross-training your horse in two disciplines , one that trains precision and one that puts precision to purpose.  Most horses get bored doing saddle work that does not have a an obvious purpose to them.  Putting obstacles to the practice of body control will reinvigorate your horses interest!  Trail obstacles are an excellent way to build your horses confidence as well.

In this clinic you will learn how to apply purpose to your body control.  You will also learn to use horse psychology to build confidence and relaxation in your horse.  This will all be learned in a positive and supportive group learning environment.


Cost to attend is $140

Event Address: 435 Little Rd, Canton, GA 30115

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Betsy Rengifo

Betsy Rengifo (formerly Betsy Moles) is based at Wild at Heart Ranch in Canton, GA. She has been teaching, showing, and training horses for the past 20+ years. She offers both English and Western lessons for students as young as 5. She shares her philosophy of Natural Horsemanship with her adult students through weekend clinics and week long camps...


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