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Betsy Moles and Natural Horse Solutions put on a number of events throughout the year at home facility Wild at Heart Ranch! If you are interested in hosting an event at your facility, email Betsy at or contact her here.


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Western Dressage

Dressage is a systematic and progressive guide line of developing a horse and rider. Western Dressage integrates the historic principles of Classic Dressage with the best of Western working horse traditions. Western Dressage is shown in the traditional western saddle and headstall. Whether your ultimate goal is in the show pen, ranch work, or trail riding, Western Dressage is the path to expanding your horse's training and horsemanship.

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Horsemanship Clinics

Betsy has a unique method of communication with horses based on the premise that the horse is a prey animal and us humans are predators. During her clinics, she teaches you how to use that same method of communication with your horse resulting in an increased level of respect from your horse. She offers clinics for all levels of horses and riders.

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Adult Camps

Betsy hosts a variety of camps for all level of riders. Whether you haul in your horse, or lease one of our lesson horses, you are bound to have a good time and advance your horsemanship! She also hosts once in a lifetime trips where you go on a mini vacation with your horse to many different destinations. We have done special trail ride locations, rides on the beach, and so much more!

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Youth Summer Camps

Does your child live, breath, and smell like horse? Betsy has summer camps for all levels of young equestrians, as young as 5. Her camps are fun and educational teaching children about the ins and outs of stable work and management, fundamental ground work exercises to improve their horsemanship, and everyone's favorite riding! Space is limited and fills up fast, be sure to sign up while you can!

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Betsy Rengifo

Betsy Rengifo (formerly Betsy Moles) is based at Wild at Heart Ranch in Canton, GA. She has been teaching, showing, and training horses for the past 20+ years. She offers both English and Western lessons for students as young as 5. She shares her philosophy of Natural Horsemanship with her adult students through weekend clinics and week long camps...


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Natural Horse Solutions

435 Little Rd. Canton, GA


Betsy offers both English and Western Lessons

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