Betsy has her own unique way of working with horses based on the premise that the horse is a prey animal and we humans are predators by nature. She bases her techniques on the horse's instinctual behavior and method of communication with the herd that she has learned from her mentors and her personal experience with horses. Sounds complicated, but really it is not. The result is a horse that is relaxed in the human environment and enjoys his job.

Betsy offers a full range of training options for the horse and clinic options for the human so that you can get the results you want. Betsy offers full time and part time training at her home facility, Wild at Heart Ranch.

Colt Starting

Betsy Moles prides herself on safely starting horses for the past ten plus years. In the past eight years, Betsy has competed in multiple Extreme Mustang Makeover events taking untouched mustangs and gentling them, starting them under saddle, and competing with them after 90 days against other trainers. Through these competitions Betsy has qualified six times for the invitation only Mustang Magic trainer's challenge. She uses this winning formula to start you colt the natural way through confidence and understanding. Give them a solid foundation that will stay with them for the rest of their life. She will train your horse to think his way through problems, not panic, and build his confidence with change.

Problem Horses

Problem horses get this label when the horse has either a dominance or confidence issue that stems from past handling and inborn personality. Bottom line is that there is a problem with the human's relationship with the horse. I will step in and right the relationship and teach you how to maintain the progress. All problem horses require full-time training for the first month after which a reduction in training will be considered based on the horse's progress and the owner's preference.

Advanced Performance

Once your horse has a firm foundation, he/she is ready to advance their training and start to specialize in a performance area of your choice. Be it in the hunter/jumper ring, dressage, western dressage or ranch performance, Betsy can help you and your horse achieve your goals.

Ground Training

Whether this is an older horse that needs ground manners or the horse that won't load on the trailer or the youngster that needs to start his education to prepare for the saddle, ground training is what your horse needs.

Training Rates

Full Time Training: 16 sessions a month. Starts at $700 a month plus the cost of feed for pasture care. $900 a month plus the cost of feed for stall board while in training.

Part Time Training: 8 sessions a month. Starts at $500 a month plus feed for pasture care. $700 a month plus the cost of feed for stall care.

If you are interested in training for your horse, contact Betsy by phone or email here.

Betsy Rengifo

Betsy Rengifo (formerly Betsy Moles) is based at Wild at Heart Ranch in Canton, GA. She has been teaching, showing, and training horses for the past 20+ years. She offers both English and Western lessons for students as young as 5. She shares her philosophy of Natural Horsemanship with her adult students through weekend clinics and week long camps...


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Betsy offers both English and Western Lessons

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