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Western Dressage

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What is it?

Western Dressage is a combination of classic dressage and western maneuvers. It is a pathway to develop a more balanced and athletic horse through structured training and progressive movements. One defining element of western dressage is the progression. As the rider reaches higher levels of showing, the test elements become increasingly reflective of movements of a western horse. For example, an advanced horse will do movements like spins and rollbacks.
The Western Dressage Association of America (WDAA) encourages all breeds to become involved in this discipline to help horses become more balanced and athletic.
Get started with your Western Dressage journey today by joining one of Betsy's introductory clinics!

Western Dressage Skill Set 1

You are ready for this clinic if you can ride your horse at the walk, trot, and without reins. This clinic is perfect for the horse and rider that is ready to make the transition from loose rein contact to contact with the bit, or those who have their sites set on competing in Western Dressage. We will start the day working on ground exercises like driving to teach collection. In the afternoon, we will work on how to develop soft, light feel in the bridle combined with forward movement.

Western Dressage Skill Set 2

The focus of this clinic will be to help you and your horse get to the next level of communication and lightness by introducing collection at the trot and lateral movements. We start the day expanding on ground driving exercises, as well as introducing advanced lateral movements like the half pass from the ground. In the afternoon, we will work on transitions with light feel in the bridle and put that together with lateral movements.

Western Maneuvers

In this clinic we introduce you to slide stops, spins, rollbacks, and more! Anyone interested in cow work or competing in upper level Western Dressage will benefit from this clinic. You will learn how to ask your horse to use himself better and be more responsive to you, the rider, no matter the breed of horse and discipline you ride.

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Betsy Rengifo

Betsy Rengifo (formerly Betsy Moles) is based at Wild at Heart Ranch in Canton, GA. She has been teaching, showing, and training horses for the past 20+ years. She offers both English and Western lessons for students as young as 5. She shares her philosophy of Natural Horsemanship with her adult students through weekend clinics and week long camps...


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